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Comic 38 - Onecanofsprite versus NPC (Ranger): Intro
26th Jan 2013, 12:22 PM in Dr. Waylon Laucker
Onecanofsprite versus NPC (Ranger): Intro
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Author Notes:
ranger_brianna_new edit delete
It might not be the longest fight, it might not have the best ending, but all the same, I think you'll be enjoying this fight a lot more than the others, if nothing else, because of the way I've chosen to handle it. :P
User comments:
Centcomm edit delete reply
I remember this one :D - and why arent people commenting! sheesh !
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
Beats me. But I think I can get a comment or two from 'em with my approach to this fight.

It'll definitely be more fun. :P
ThatPaintLover edit delete reply
I rarely comment on anything unless I have something relevant to say. :P compliments and feedback are just fine but I hate it when people post something meaningless like "ok" or "yay!"
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
S'okay. I'm much the same in that regard.

Still, though, I was hoping for more comments all the same for this fight, 'specially considering what happens here. :P
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